Glasgow City Council Welcome to Merrylee Primary School

Welcome to our School


Welcome to our school website which is managed by Mrs Helen Pattie, P2B teacher, in her spare time. (If she has any!) We are very grateful to her commitment to this. Merrylee Primary in situated on Friarton Road in a fabulous new state of the art school building. It is also a pleasure to share the campus with Limetree Day Nursery. We moved into the building on Tuesday 10th of March 2009 amidst great excitement. Staff, parents and friends worked tirelessly preceding the move to ensure the very best for each pupil. We are also lucky to be situated next door to the local denominational school, Our Lady of the Annunciation Primary with whom we enjoy developing projects and learning opportunities. The school borders the Merrylee Allotments on which we have our own plot where pupils tend the area and grow our own produce. This is run by 2 volunteers, George Kay and Alison Sloan, who also enjoy great support from plotholders in their work with the pupils.
The building is absolutely fantastic and we all feel extremely privileged to be working and learning in such a wonderful environment. It is an impressive school with lots of natural light and ventilation.
It is aesthetically pleasing as the décor is light and displays many natural light wood finishes. The school is fitted to a high standard with beautiful light wood furniture and storage walls within spacious and bright classrooms. We have a wonderful gym hall, a dining hall and a media suite. 
The school campus is further enhanced thanks to the dedication and determination of our staff and parents over the past few years. We were delighted to see the plans for the new school and were so impressed but immediately saw ways in which we could develop the site even further!
We have a full sized football pitch which is covered by 3rd generation artificial turf. (I am grateful for the support of Jim Fleeting of the SFA in helping us achieve this.) This is regularly let by the council to local sports clubs.
We have a wind turbine to allow us to supply some of our own electricity and to help us learn more about alternative energy sources. (I am grateful to Scottish Power for their help to achieve this great resource on our campus).
We are the first school in the UK to have a Natural Play site within its school grounds. This has been achieved as the result of hard work by our school community with the help of the Forestry Commission. We spent a year touring sites, researching, begging for resources and also working very hard to persuade officials of the fabulous benefits of natural play. As a result of raising the sum of £76,000 we now enjoy watching our children learn within a natural setting. Glasgow City Council is now very supportive of this venture. We all agree that this will be much better than the flat hard play area we would have had. We continue to raise funds to add to the site and develop it further. We are lucky to continue to enjoy support from parents to maintain the grounds. 
As you will gather Merrylee School community is one where we always strive to enhance every situation, location and learning opportunity for the benefit of all. I hope you enjoy finding out more about our school on this website.
Mrs Liz Mahindru
Head Teacher