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We offer an educational experience which aims to address each child as an individual with special gifts and needs. We aim to educate the whole child and to nurture children who are confident in their own abilities, successful learners, take a pride and responsibility for their own community and beyond and children who are able to make an effective contribution to society. We set high standards for each individual in both academic & aesthetic attainment and achievement whilst concentrating on developing children who have a love of learning which will stay with them for life.

Merrylee Primary in situated on Friarton Road in a fabulous new state of the art school building. It is also a pleasure to share the campus with Limetree Day Nursery. We are also lucky to be situated next door to the local denominational school, Our Lady of the Annunciation Primary with whom we enjoy developing projects and learning opportunities. The school borders the Merrylee Allotments on which we have our own plot where pupils tend the area and grow our own produce. This is run by 2 volunteers, George Kay and Alison Sloan, who also enjoy great support from plot holders in their work with the pupils.

We feel privileged to be working within our fabulous new building which is of exceptional design and has all the features necessary for a 21st century education. Our classrooms are large, bright and airy; we have a fabulous media suite furnished with the latest technology; our gym hall is fabulous; we have a main hall with a stage and wonderful outside play areas. Merrylee is the only school in the United Kingdom with a natural play site within its grounds; we have a wind turbine which provides 12% of the school’s electricity and a full size football pitch with 3rd generation turf which is the envy of many.


We are lucky to continue to enjoy support from parents to maintain the grounds. 

Merrylee School community is one where we always strive to enhance every situation, location and learning opportunity for the benefit of all.


I hope you enjoy finding out more about our school on this website.


Mrs Liz Mahindru

Head Teacher